I am a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Liverpool, hosted in the group of Prof. Alessandro Troisi.

MSCA-IF BIOMOSAIC From biopigments to bioelectronics: modeling semiconducting eumelanin-based interfaces

I am working on developing a computational model of eumelanin, the biopigment present in human hair, eyes and skin, as a potential semiconductor in bioelectronic devices. My goal is to unravel its structure-property relationship, and ultimately build a charge transport model able to capture both electronic and ionic conduction.


08 May 2020 - My preprint on ion chelation in glycolated semiconductors is online on ChemRxiv

01 Apr 2020 - I have officially started my Marie Curie Fellowship

15 Dec 2019 - My ChemRxiv preprint on DHICA melanin is available

28 Aug 2019 - We officially released a code for molecular network calculations! Find it on github

24 Aug 2019 - I will be presenting my work on organic semiconductors for organic solar cells at the ACS Fall Meeting 2019 in San Diego, CA.

5 Aug 2019 - Our paper on the side chain optimization of polymer donors for organic photovoltaics is out in JACS!!!!

25 Mar 2019 - I officially started my Newton International Fellowship!

23 Jan 2019 - Our paper on the fluorination impact on non-fullerene acceptors is just accepted on JACS!!!

25 Nov 2018 - I’m going to the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston and I will give a talk on my recent work on OPV.

13 Nov 2018 - Thanks to a NumFOCUS Grant for community education and engagement, I am co-organizing the 2018 MDAnalysis Workshop and Hackathon here at Northwestern University

7 Nov 2018 - Our work on rubrene crystals as mechanical sensors has been accepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

4 Sep 2018 - Our PNAS paper on non-fullerene electron acceptors is now out!

29 Aug 2018 - I am presenting my work at Wonder and Skepticism